The Art & Design Studio team is unique in its perspective. Each team member has a different background in design; comprised of artists, designers and architects. Their style is not definite, embracing every project with a keen perspective towards design and craft.


Obsessed with detail and the layers the create a sensible space, A&D Studio welcomes each project as an opportunity to create exceptional experiences, with the full participation of the client transforming the space into an evolving reflection of the owners life.

The Art & Design Studio is more than art, interior design projects and exclusive pieces, It is a lifestyle, an experience and unique bespoke artistic expression like no other.

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Carlos Mercado. With a wide experience in the world of contemporary art and with his works showcased in the best hotels, galleries and locations around the world this artist brings the art to Art & Design. Also his works as interior designer are well known for bringing that fresh touch to his creations.

As Carlos says, every single piece we design and select must be a piece of art by itself

Nacho Díaz Haces, has developed his career among the top fashion multinationals and interior design studios across the world working as creative and product director. 

His large experience living in different countries of Europe, Asia, Midlle East and Australia and traveling to many others have brought him the taste of mixing trends and discovering treasures around the world. 

Effortless yet sophisticated is how he defines Art & Design